Multiscale Microscopy of Biomaterials

PhD Candidate, BME

Bryan currently holds an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and completed a B.Eng. in Chemical and Bioengineering (McMaster). His research focuses on characterization and evaluation of biomaterials for implant purposes.

Grandfield Research Group, Bryan Lee

Bryan Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow, MSE

Xiaoyue holds the Ontario Trillium Scholarship for PhD studies. Her research focus on using correlative 4D tomographies to characterize bone-implant interface.

Grandfield Research Group, Xiaoyue Wang

Xiaoyue Wang

Dr. Kathryn Grandfield is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University, where she leads the Grandfield Research Group, and is a Dean’s Honour Role instructor for both undergraduate and graduate curriculum. She is presently second Vice-President of the Microscopical Society of Canada, elected board member for the Canadian Biomaterials Society, and Director of User Operations at the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy. Dr. Grandfield is the 2017 recipient of the Petro Canada - McMaster University Young Innovator Award.


Postdoc, Preventative and Restorative Dental Sciences, University of California, San Francisco (2013)

PhD, Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden (2012)

M.A.Sc., Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University, Canada (2010)

B.Eng., Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University, Canada (2008)

Grandfield Research Group, Kathryn Grandfield

Kathryn Grandfield

MASc Candidate, BME

Ivan is a MASc student co-supervised by Prof. Henry Schwarcz. He holds a Honours BSc in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Trent). His work focuses on the investigation of the ultrastructure of human osteoporotic bone with electron microscopy.

Ivan Strakhov

MASc Candidate, MSE

Dakota holds an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and received her Honours B.Sc. in Integrated Science (McMaster). Her research includes works on chemical fabrication of implant coatings, and characterization of bone on the micro and nano length scales with scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

Grandfield Research Group, Dakota Binkley

Dakota Binkley

PhD Candidate, MSE Exchange

Natália is an exchange PhD student from Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil. Her research focuses on development, characterization and evaluation of biomaterials for tissue engineering purposes.

Natália Hadler Marins

MASc Candidate, BME

Chiara is a MASc student taking part in a dual degree program between McMaster University and Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Her research focuses on improving biocompatibility of titanium implants via surface modification and local drug delivery.

Chiara Micheletti


Asad holds a 2018 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award and is currently in his third year of Mechanical Engineering and Management (McMaster). His research focuses on mechanical testing, heat treatment and characterization of titania nanotubes on 3D-printed titanium alloys.

Asad Hussanain

Dean's Excellence Undergraduate Award

Ariana is an undergraduate student at McMaster, pursuing a Bachelor's of Engineering degree in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Physics.  Her work includes the characterization and analysis of titanium nanotubes and cellulose aerogels for bone engineering applications.

Ariana Hurley

Dean's Excellence Undergraduate Award

 Arjun is an undergraduate student at McMaster, pursuing a BHSc in the Integrated Biomedical Engineering Health Science program. His research project focuses on the characterization and evaluation of electrospun fibres loaded with titania nanoparticles for tissue engineering applications.

Arjun Raghavan

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Lourdes Couoh


MASc Graduates

James Tedesco, Materials Science and Engineering

Daniel Osorio, Materials Science and Engineering

Vicky Vuong, Materials Science and Engineering

Emily-Rose Creighton, School of Biomedical Engineering

Visiting Researchers

Furqan Shah, PhD Candidate University of Gothenburg, Sweden



Highschool Interns

Samna Aziz


Grandfield Research Group
Grandfield Research Group, Iflah Shahid

Iflah Shahid


Grandfield Research Group, Daniel Osorio

Daniel Osorio


Grandfield Research Group, James Tedesco

James Tedesco


Grandfield Research Group, Lourdes Couoh

Lourdes Couoh


Grandfield Research Group

Undergraduate Researchers

Iflah Shahid, NSERC USRA, Honours Chemical Biology, McMaster

Madeline Perrin, Materials Engineering, McGill University Coop

Patricia Nguyen, Kinesiology, McMaster

Alex Lin, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

Kristoff Malejczuk, University of Waterloo Coop

Pauline Bialas, INPG Grenoble Exchange Student

Samantha Ho, MSE, McMaster

Carolyn Willems, MSE, McMaster


Grandfield Research Group | Dr. Kathryn Grandfield | Assistant Professor | Materials Science and Engineering School of Biomedical Engineering | McMaster University, ETB rm 403 | 1280 Main St W, Hamilton ON Canada L8S 4L7

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Multiscale Microscopy of Biomaterials

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