Welcome to the Grandfield Research Group at McMaster University, Canada. Our team focuses on the development and characterization of biomaterials– pioneering the investigation of bone-implant interfaces and mineralized tissues with multiscale, multidimensional and correlative microscopies. The insights made through this work are contributing to the design of novel materials for improved implant success, and an improved understanding of healthy and pathological mineralized tissues, such as bones and teeth.







Ivan and Chiara join the lab.

Daniel and James successfully defend their MASc theses.

Kathryn presents at the European Atom Probe Tomography Workshop.

Recent Publications

Shah, F.A., Lee, B.E.J., Tedesco, J. et al.(2017) Micrometer-Sized Magnesium Whitlockite Crystals in Micropetrosis of Bisphosphonate-Exposed Human Alveolar Bone. Nano Letters,17 (10), 6210-6216.

Tedesco, J., Lee, B.E.J., Lin, A. Y-W., et al. (2017) Osseointegration of a 3D printed stemmed titanium dental implant: A pilot study. International Journal of Dentistry, Accepted Oct 2017.


Multiscale Microscopy of Biomaterials

Grandfield Research Group | Dr. Kathryn Grandfield | Assistant Professor | Materials Science and Engineering School of Biomedical Engineering | McMaster University, ETB rm 403 | 1280 Main St W, Hamilton ON Canada L8S 4L7

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Multiscale Microscopy of Biomaterials

Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award Recipient